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Garden Update #5


My garden is really coming along.  The peas are growing, attaching to the screen, blossoming.  I transplanted the strawberries and they are doing great, as is the pineapple sage plant.  The zucchini may possibly pull out of the funk, there is one growing, we’ll see if it makes it through and others grow.  The tomatoes are over five feet tall now and growing fruit, none have ripened yet, though.  Same for the cherry tomatoes.  Still not sure if the cucumbers are going to pull out of the funk they are in.

I am definitely learning a lot through this process and will do things a bit differently next time.  Over all I am very thrilled with the success that I’ve had and how exciting it is to grow your own food.

The sunflowers I planted are sprouting and so are the wild flowers.  We’ll see if they make it through.

Here are some pictures.


1 in 133

by - Support Gluten-Free Food Labeling

I wish I had looked into this sooner so that I could have been supporting and promoting this longer.  However, if you haven’t, take the time to head over to this site and sign the petition.  This will hopefully be making a huge difference in the life of many, many people, to have GF labeling.

From the site:

Some people (maybe even the government?) think gluten free is a fad. They’re the ones who’ve never been sick, or watched helplessly as a loved one suffers the effects of gluten contamination. Only a massive show of support from the individuals, organizations and companies that comprise our community will give us the visibility – the credibility – to raise our collective concern about gluten-free food labeling.

“One in 133 Americans has Celiac disease (also known as celiac sprue, coeliac disease, non-tropical sprue or gluten sensitive enteropathy), a chronic and permanent sensitivity to the food protein gluten, found in the grains wheat, barley and rye.” 

Menu Plan Monday – April 4th, 2011


This has been a very busy last couple of weeks, with this week being a busy one too.  We are moved into the new house, but still so much to unpack.  We are all enjoying the new place so much.  I am looking forward to getting back into a regular routine again soon.

One of my last posts was regarding eating out….well, we had a bad experience the last time to Burger King, sadly.  Which was odd, since we had eaten there two times without incident.  Ahhh, well, it just shows that if you don’t make it at home you can’t be 100% sure of not getting contaminated with gluten.  

Here’s the menu for the week:

Apple Chicken Sausages
Oven roasted potatoes & carrots



Hot Dogs


I’ll be gone so I’ll let the family decide


Head over to for more menu ideas
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