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Favorite Find Friday – Restaurant (Posana Cafe)


My favorite find for this Friday is Posana Cafe in Asheville, NC.  This is a completely, 100% gluten free restaurant, yes, that’s right 100% GF.  It was bliss!  Not worrying about cross-contamination, eating french fries and wanting one of everything on the menu.  The excitement is shared by all GF people.  The lady at the table next to us was overjoyed to be enjoying White Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Marscapone and Strawberries that was on special the day we were there.

This place is in downtown Asheville, it is a really nice place, we enjoyed brunch on the patio, the weather was amazing.  The service was great, our server was Leah, she was very knowledgeable, friendly and on the ball.  They offer dinner too with the brunch on Saturday and Sunday.  See the menu here.

I really did want to order one of everything, even the things I don’t normally eat.    But, when I saw french fries I ordered immediately.  They were divine, hot & crispy, with coarse salt and a side of homemade mayo (my request).

In my excitement I forgot to take pictures of our entrees, but don’t those fries look amazing? 

I had the Southern Style Benedict.  The eggs were poached perfectly, the biscuit was very tasty, though I was expecting it to be a much lighter biscuit than it was.  I guess when they said “southern” style, I was think it would be much lighter and airier.  However, the flavor was really good, it was slightly sweet and had a bit of a nutty flavor though there was no nut flour in it. (Though many of their baked goods/pastries to contain nut flours so be sure to ask.)

Another entree we enjoyed was the BLFGTThis was  bacon, lettuce, fried green tomato on house focaccia with a side of  jalapeno aioli.  The foccacia was out of this world, it was a beautiful, golden brown on top and was so light and fluffy. 

And last, but not least, was Fried Chicken.  This was a breaded and fried chicken breast on a bed of cheesy grits and topped with buttermilk gravy.  This was probably the best thing.  I personally don’t prefer grits, but I would order this with fries instead and would be in hog heaven.

We also sampled the Everything Bagel, which was probably the best bagel I’ve had in 3 1/2 years.  We got to go the Coffee Cake and Caramel Pecan Sticky Bun.  The flavors were great the next day, but I’m thinking these are best enjoyed fresh.

If you are in the Asheville area or even close, you should definitely check this out. They don’t “advertise” as a GF restaurant, but are widely known in the GF community and very allergy friendly and knowledgeable.  They don’t even have any peanut products in the place since it is such a severe allergen for many.


Ugh! I got glutened.


Last week I had the worst experience – I got glutened.  I went out to eat at a place I’d never been, recommended for safe GF eating by a friend (whom I do NOT blame) who’d never gotten sick when eating there.  I called ahead and talked with manager, talked with server and manager on arrival.  But, you’re always taking a chance when you eat any food you, yourself, didn’t make. 

I’ve had slight reactions before – some stomach discomfort, etc. and a pretty bad reaction once, but it only lasted several hours.  This time was horrendous.  It started out with an overwhelming sense of exhaustion, followed quickly by a blazing headache and bringing up the rear was bathroom runs. (pun intended)  As the afternoon wore on I felt worse and worse. 

The next morning I felt horrible. It was like the worse hangover you’ve ever had combined with the flu.  I could barely function.  I laid down around 9am to take a rest.  It was surreal.  It was like I couldn’t fall asleep, but then the next thing I know it’s two hours later!  I hadn’t eaten up to this point and around 4pm I decided to eat a bit and started to feel a tiny bit better.  

The foggy brain aka gluten brain and stomach issues are still hanging on.  I never imagined it could be so bad and that the affects would last so very long.

At this point I NEVER want to eat out again.  Unless I can visit a 100% Gluten Free Restaurant.  Which I fully intend to make happen in the near future.  I just found one Posana Cafe – it is about 3 1/2 hours away.    I found this using this link.  If you know of another list please share it!


Eating out – it’s a love/hate relationship


I’m sure anyone with food allergies feels this same way.  Eating out used to be something I really enjoyed.  It was a momentary escape and such a blessing.  A time to sit and enjoy the company of those you are with, while eating yummy food prepared by someone else and most importantly cleaned up by someone else!  But when you and  your child/children have food allergies it’s just not fun, it’s W-O-R-K!  With the constant worry about how what we’re eating is going to effect us in just a short time.  

Just this past week, for instance, I went to a place that offers a gluten free menu, special plates, separate cooking section, etc.  This is a place who is knowledgeable in gluten, cross contamination and really seem to care.  However, I was somehow contaminated…..ugh!  I was sick for several hours.  While I did enjoy the time with a friend, conversation and no worries over the food and the possibility of cross contamination, I did not enjoy being sick afterwards.  I know that this particular place just made a mistake, they endeavor to make thing GF and I have been here before without incident and I will give them another chance.  Realizing that you take a chance whenever you eat out, always, whether it’s at a friend, family or restaurant.

Would love someday to find or open a completely gluten free facility with food that everyone will love and enjoy…..yes, it can be done.