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Favorite Find Friday – Cassava Flour


Favorite Find Friday2



Welcome to a LONG over-due Favorite Find Friday!  You can see other favorite finds here.

In my quest for baking Paleo and nut-free – I found cassava flour.  Some might say tapioca flour/starch is the same, however that’s not true.  Cassava flour is a whole food, it is a root vegetable, dried and ground into flour.  Tapioca is the starch extracted from cassava root.

I found two brands that I have used personally, both are gluten free.

Moon Rabbit Foods – which is made in a dedicated GF facility, non-GMO

cassava flour


Anthony’s Cassava Flour – Batch tested GF, non-GMOcassava_2lb_amz_front_1024x1024I have used it to make several different baked goods.  I made scones, cookies, biscuits.  It is texturally much different than other GF flours, however you need no xanthan gum.  I used it in with coconut flour as well as adding in tapioca or arrowroot.  I will try to get some other recipes up, but I’m still struggling with my health so I’m not sure when I’ll do it.  I do have the Cassava Flour tortillas and they are great for wraps, tacos, enchilada casserole.

This flour is AIP compliant, Paleo, Whole 30, Gluten Free, Nut Free

If you have a favorite Cassava flour recipe leave a comment and share it !!


Favorite Find Friday – Coconut Flour


Favorite Find Friday2I don’t know if you use coconut flour much or not in your GF baking.  I don’t use it a ton.  It has a different texture, a bit more dense and heavy.  But, one of my favorite recipes to make with coconut flour is muffins.  Coconut flour is a bit more expensive but the great thing is that a little bit goes a long way.  If it was in the budget I would definitely get the coconut flour at Tropical Traditions, but this has been a good alternative for grain free baking.  Another bonus is that when you cook with coconut flour you don’t have to use any gums.


Coconut Flour

I purchased this at Sam’s Club for less than $10/5#.  It was an incredibly good price, especially since it is organic.

Here are a few recipes you can use your coconut flour with:

Gluten Free No-Bake Coconut Chocolate Thumbprints (DF, EF, GF)
Gluten Free Maple Pumpkin Muffins
Dutch Baby

Happy baking!!



Gluten Free Healthy Flour Blend


7 ½ cups brown rice flour

4 ½ cups sorghum OR buckwheat OR millet

cups tapioca starch OR cornstarch

1 ½ cups potato starch

½ cup potato flour

cup xanthan gum



all of this together, thoroughly.  You
can use a whisk or your stand mixer with whisk attachment.  If you do that you will need to wrap your
mixer with plastic wrap so it doesn’t blow around everywhere. 


personally use a whisk, whisking after each additional flour.  I also shake it up in the container with the
lid on. 


want it to be one color with no streaks of different colors.


Flour Blends


If you’ve tried to do any gluten free baking at all you know that you really need a good flour blend.  It’s taken a good while but I think that I have two blends that work well for me.  The first blend that I started with was:

1 part brown or white rice flour
1/3 part tapioca starch (or flour)
1/3 part potato starch

I used this blend all the time, but it didn’t always translate well when converting recipes from gluten-full to gluten free.

After a while I found this book, I mentioned before, and discovered their Artisanal Flour blend.
I think that this has been the best blend for me, though I know that there are many other blends, already made, that you can purchase. 

One concern, my friend who has Celiac brought up, is so much consumption of white grains and  starches.  After she said that I saw an article in Living Without Magazine about that too.  So I have really been trying to use more whole grains while still getting a great baked good.