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Dealing with the effects of gluten


My son is practically eczema free at this moment.  Yesterday he was free of any new patches at all!  It was exciting for me, not sure about him, as he is so little and probably just accepts it as part of his life.  At church they have snacks and such to share before and after church and a wonderful friend who is in charge of this always makes sure that we have something GF, I love her for this!  However, as I’m sure you know, it is so hard to be around gluten with the little ones and sometimes when you’re older too.  A friend told me once, that when her daughter goes into Panera Bread, she has a breakout!  Each sensitivity is so different.  So I don’t know if he actually ate something or not (I really don’t think so), but he has one nickel sized place on the back of his leg.  His sister did come to the car with her mouth and hands covered with powdered sugar doughnut and climbed into the car touching his car seat.  He starts yelling, “She touched near me with gluten!!” 

You never know when or how you might be exposed.  Thankfully this time seems minor….. fingers crossed.  We try so hard to keep him from being exposed.  It’s an ongoing battle and I hope that we are teaching and training him for later and that he realizes the importance of steering clear.

Menu Plan Monday – May 2nd, 20011


If you haven’t visited the Crockpot Lady’s site, you should!  She has some great recipes and she usually cooks gluten free, which is great!  She also has written two cookbooks, I got the first one from the library and really have enjoyed reading it.  I also follow her blog.

Anyway, on the menu:

Autumn Sausage Casserole

Baked Potatoes

Chicken Rice Bake

Sausages on the grill
corn on cob, on the grill (maybe)

Oven Roasted Chicken

Coconut Beef
Coconut Rice
Asian Veggies

Biscuit topped Chicken Pot Pie

For other great ideas head over to
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