So, I didn’t make the GF Phyllo.  I did find a great tutorial and it is a much longer process than I knew.  I will attempt this at some point, but it didn’t happen this week.  I did however make that coconut shrimp again.  I grabbed everything I needed and headed over to my mom’s to make it for my mom and grandma.  They loved it.  I am seriously so impressed with what a quick and easy recipe this is.  I peeled, deviened, coated, fried and served over a pound of shrimp in about 30 minutes.  Oh, and made the sauce in that time too. So did any of you give this recipe a try?

I also spent some time outside.  I divided my aloe plants and did some other repotting.  I am trying to get things ready for growing and planting.  My oregano really tolerated the cold and looks fabulous.  It’s ready to be harvested already.  I think my thyme is gone though.  It came back from last winter, but I don’t think it’s going to this time.  I have so many ideas, but really need to crack down on trying to pull at least some them together.

Menu for the week:

Pasta Carbonara

Chili Pie



Bean & Cheese Enchilada

Oven Roasted Lemon Garlic Thyme Chicken
Potatoes & Carrots

Fish Tacos

Lemon Chicken & Rice Soup

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