I tried my hand at fresh past this past week….. it was not a smashing success.  First of all, I thought I could use the pasta attachment I asked for and am just getting around to trying.  That was an epic fail! It would come through the machine it just kind of stalled, so that was a huge disappointment for me, it’s the reason I wanted the attachment.  Ugh!  I did manage to roll it out and make lasagna, but I didn’t make the double batch I was hoping to make.  I may try again, I’m not sure, if I do I will take pictures and post about it.

 I rushed to bake before my kitchen counters were replaced and I was without a kitchen for a few days. I made oatmeal cookies and pumpkin bread this past week.    The oatmeal cookies I split into three batches and added white chocolate chips and craisins to one, caramel bits to another and left one plain.  The white chocolate craisin were absolutely addicting.  The pumpkin bread we’ve been eating on all week, it’s great heated up in the toaster oven and smothered in butter.

This week I will be making snacks for Women’s Bible Study.  I plan to make Breakfast Cookies and Mini Individual Quiches with Corn Tortilla Crust.  I’m going to make the tortillas homemade.  At least this is my plan!  I will try to get some fruit too. 

Have you baked anything (or plan to) really yummy recently?  I’d love to hear about it if you did.


Penne Chicken Italiano


Chicken Fried Steak
Mashed Potatoes

Rice Bake



Make double crust and freeze.


New England Cheese Soup
This is a new recipe – we’ll see how it turns out, if it’s a keeper I will post a recipe.

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