I’ve kind of fallen off the Favorite Friday wagon…. I think I should
have paced myself.  Sometimes Friday comes so fast and then it’s past. 
Ya know what I mean?

I thought I had shared this one but I looked back and didn’t see it. 

Before GF pretzels were a great, easy, CHEAP snack.  Not so for gluten free people.  The best GF pretzels are by Glutino, I prefer the sticks as they are super crisp, but the twists are great too.  I used to buy Snyder’s Gluten Free Pretzels because they were cheaper and I could get them at Whole Foods when they were on sale for around $2/8oz bag. But, there is no Whole Foods near me and they’re not that cheap at Earth Fare ($3.79), the Glutino are usually about $6 for 8oz.  But now that Walmart carries them I can get a 16oz bag for $6.  LOVE this.  I hope your local Walmart carries them.  Two of the Walmarts here have a small GF/Healthy section.  At one it’s on the cereal aisle and the other has it on the sugar aisle.

Pretzels are great snacks on their own, but if you chunk up some cheese you can pierce the chunk with a pretzel stick, crush them and use them as a breading for chicken, dip them in chocolate. Whichever way you choose, enjoy!

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