Since going GF saltines are a big miss!  I think that these are the closest thing to saltines that I have found.  They are crisp like a saltine, not quite as salty.  I even used some of these to make a crust for cheesecake.  I didn’t have enough cookies, so I used some of these.  I was very happy with the turnout.  My only complaint is that the are really big and there is no perforation for breaking them, as they are good sized, maybe around 5 inches by 3 inches.  You can break them, but they don’t break evenly, which is frustrating if you want them to look nice. 

I can’t eat peanut butter anymore, but if I could I would break them in two, as evenly as possible, spread them with peanut butter and then dip in chocolate for a yummy treat.

I think I’ll write to Glutino and tell them of my love for their crackers and beg for them to perforate them.

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