Parchment paper has been a huge help in GF baking, I used it occasionally before being GF, but now, it really makes life so much more enjoyable.  It’s great for rolling out things – pie crust, pizza crust, cookies, bread.  It doesn’t stick to the parchment that easily, not that it can’t, just not as easily.  It will also keep baked goods from sticking to the baking pan. 

It is a bit of an investment, if you have to buy it at the grocery store.  I get mine at Sam’s Club or Costco and you can get a big roll for a good price.  I think it’s worth it.

Also, I use my parchment more than once sometimes.  If I bake cookies I often wipe it off and re-use it.  Unless it turns brown or has something that can’t be wiped off, I will re-use it for another batch of cookies or maybe biscuits.    Either way you can bake several batches of cookies with one sheet.  It’s best if you don’t let the paper hang over the baking sheet, once it begins to turn brown it could potentially catch on fire with continued heat.

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