I feel the toaster oven is a necessity for me.  First we have a family of six, so getting toast we can toast six pieces of toast at one time, actually, more, since I make our own bread and GF bread tends to be a bit smaller.  Also, I don’t own a microwave, by choice, and the toaster oven is essential to reheating items with ease.  Toaster ovens are a bit moody, in my opinion.  I mean they tend to toast a tad unevenly, but I do love this toaster oven I got for my birthday.  The crumb tray is actually very efficient and easy to use, it wipes clean with just a paper towel usually.

I use the convection setting for re-heating and I have also used it to bake. 

I’m very happy with it and though it is a big investment, if you do get it at Sam’s Club, they offer a replacement warranty for less than $6.