Who doesn’t love Cheese Puffs or Cheese Balls?  I mean come on!  They are crunchy and oh, so very cheesy, right?  Well, not if you’re living GF.  At least in my opinion.  Sure, I’ve eaten cheese puffs that are GF, but they just weren’t that good.  Well, that has all changed.  My friend, Lindsey, had told me last year that she found some GF cheese balls at Walmart.  I was hugely skeptical, but was overjoyed when I found them.  They were UTZ white cheddar cotton tails.  Imagine my dismay when I went back for more and found out they were a seasonal item…..NO!!!!!  *Heavy sigh of sadness*  Then all the sudden UTZ Cheese Balls appeared on the shelf at Sam’s Club.  Now, I do love a good cheese puff, but those oranges one, well, they are not the healthiest with the dyes etc.  So, I only buy them occasionally, as a special treat.  On a recent trip to Sam’s Club I was delighted to find that the one of the new seasonal items is my Favorite Find  UTZ Snow Balls!

These are a bit healthier without the dyes.  So, if you have a Sam’s Club near you and I’m sure they have them other places, probably Walmart.  You MUST, if you like cheese puffs, have this GF treat!

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