My Favorite Find for this week is so yummy and cute!!

Now, we had tried the GF Cocoa & Vanilla Bunny Cookies and I didn’t care for them.  The left a bad taste in my mouth. The kids only like the chocolate ones….So I wasn’t 100% on trying these, but just the name makes them sound so good and because of this I decided give these a try.  Boy am I glad that I did – they are fabulous, so good!!  I found these at Target, which was surprising as I’ve looked for GF things there before without success, but this was a huge success.  They also had Ginger Snap bunnies, but since I was sure, I was only willing to invest in one of the boxes and I let my son choose, I was willing to try either.  I will definitely be heading back over there to pick up another box of these and to try the Ginger Snap, I feel pretty sure that they will be just as good!