I  recently purchased a bargain plant at Kroger.  It was a great deal, a chile plant for $2!  It was loaded with peppers.  When I got it hope I realized that it was actually three plants in one pot.  I divided the plant and gave one away.  I then started thinking about what I could do with the peppers, so I decided to make a Chile Ristra.  I googled and found this site that showed me how to do it.

I gathered the items to do it – sewing needle, peppers, fishing line.  However, the fishing line was too thick to fit through the eye of the needle.  Thankfully, my son dug deeper and found some thinner line.  I was very happy with the results.  It was super easy, I did it while watching TV.  I made three separate ristras as I thought they might make a good gift – tie a little raffia bow to the top and there you have it, cute, practical gift.

Here is a picture of the finished ristras.  I hung them all together.  I think a wreath would be cool too….I might try that next time. I think I will try and find some very thin wire, then the chiles can be strung directly onto the wire and you wouldn’t need to use the needle and then you could shape it into a circle or even a heart and tie a bow at the top.