This year has been a whirlwind!  Wow!  I can’t believe how long since my last post.

We have been doing a Anti Candida Diet this will begin our second week.  I can’t believe how many different opinions there are on what’s “allowed” and what’s not.  I have combined many of the plans I’ve looked at and come up with what I felt is doable for our family.  Why are we doing this?  Well, we have some ongoing health issues as well as a habit of consuming large amounts of sugar…….sadly.  I’m hoping that through this we will have broken the cycle of sugar abuse and maybe helped our health improve through this and also hoping that we won’t fall back into the rut we were in before, though I know it will be hard, but that is my desire.

Menu for the week:

Venison Tenderloin
Mashed “Potatoes” (which is really cauliflower)


Roast Chicken
Carrots, Parsnips & Onions


Lasagna (Now this will be controversial with most people and ACD but, I’ve read a few different places about dairy and cheese and they say that it is the lactose that feeds the yeast and that if you eat it hot and melted it will be fine. So, I have decided to have one meal per week with cheese. Ricotta,  it is said that when it is cultured it eats the lactose so is also safe.)


Modified Rice Bake



Lentil Soup

I have a few gaps still but I’ll wing it or fill it in during the week before I get there.  For breakfast we have been having eggs. 
I have made homemade ketchup and mayo.  I made pecan butter and hummus.
For bread substitute I have made coconut pancakes and will be attempting some buckwheat biscuits.
For snacks we have had raw veggies and hummus.  Brown rice cakes and nut butter.  Celery with nut butter.  Snapea Crisps, these are manufactured in a facility that manufactures wheat and a few other allergens, so beware, we haven’t had an issue.  Green Apple and nut butter.