I totally skipped blogging last week.  This year has been a pretty crazy one for our family.  Last week was spent recovering from the previous week.  In case you didn’t hear GA was struck by a massive (for the south) ice storm and snow.  Now I know for those of you who live where this is the norm, it is a little laughable, but for us here it was devastating.  We are not prepared, in any way, or this kind of weather.  I have lived in this area for a total of 12 years (not consecutively) and this is only like the 3-4th time it ever even snowed, so this was catastrophic.  Thousands and thousands of people were without electricity from hours to days.  Trees covered in thick layers of ice proved more than these southern trees could handle, destroying countless trees (including an iconic tree) and damaging much property.  As far as I have heard, no one that I know had any major damage or injury, thankfully.  We were blessed to have not lost power at all during this time and took minor damage to exterior property.  I have said it  numerous times but the weather around here has been insane.  We had a major ice storm, two days later an earthquake (yes, that’s right, an earthquake, including follow up tremor) and then few days later weather in the 70’s!! We shall see what the rest of winter holds for us here.

I have a recipe to share for Salted Caramel Rice Krispies Treats, I will try to get that up soon.  I did that for Valentine’s day.  I also made heart pancakes for breakfast that day. That’s fun for any day really, the kids loved it.

You may or may not have noticed that I added a Pinterest link to the blog.  This is actually my personal Pinterest, but I have a link for Gluten Free Always on there where I try to post recipes and such from the blog.

Menu for this week:

Rice Bake
Coconut Curry chicken
Coconut Rice

Veg or Salad

Bean & Cheese Enchilada Bake

Loaded Baked Potato & Chicken Casserole


Honey Dijon Beef Stew (made with venison

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