Here at my house we all (except my mom) LOVE popcorn, hot, salted,
buttered popcorn, kettle corn, caramel corn, cheese popcorn.  Usually I
pop our corn using the Whirly Pop
and coconut oil, this makes the best stove-top popcorn ever!  Even my
friend, Alex, liked it and she didn’t really care for popcorn before. 
But, recently when visiting my friend she bought a bag of Kettle Corn,
that was gluten free.  We munched it down and thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Now I had seen this popcorn at Wal-mart when shopping, but since I make
my own I never really considered buying any.  But, after that I consider
it more often, thanks to Popcorn Indiana.

I was excited to find this back-to-school pack of several different
flavors in mini bags.  I grabbed it up to have for on the go snacks.  We
all know how hard it can be to have GF snacks handy.  This last trip to
Wal-mart I went looking for this multi pack, but didn’t find them,
that’s when I deduced that it must of been a back-to-school special
buy.  Anyway, thankfully they sell the big bags and I found several
flavors.  The latest purchase was the Aged White Cheddar.  We all really
liked it and even better was some info that I found on the bag one
important one that I hadn’t previously noticed, Non-GMO Corn.  This
along with being All Natural, Zero Trans Fat, Gluten Free, No
Preservatives.  This is definitely a company that I’d like to support
and I hope you will too.