I’m not sure where I got this recipe but I love it.  My husband doesn’t love it, unfortunately, so I won’t make it often.

1 – 13.5 oz can – Coconut Milk
2 teaspoons curry powder
Chicken Breast cut into strips/chunks
2 teaspoons Chinese Five Spice (This is a very strong spice.  I actually
made my own, but you can buy it, I think.  I can’t remember the specific
recipe I used but this link has a pretty good recipe.)
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

oil over medium heat add curry and cook one minute (CAREFUL don’t burn
it – I burnt it the first time).  Add coconut milk and reduce by half
about 7 minutes.  Keep warm while you make the chicken.

Toss chicken with Five Spice, salt and pepper.  Cook Chicken – if you use coconut oil it will help layer the flavors.

chicken is cooked you can add it to the sauce or you can just serve the
sauce and chicken separately over rice so each person can have as much
or as little sauce as they would like.