Being self-sufficient is a wonderful thought, here is a small attempt at making this happen.  Also, ensuring that you get fresh, gluten free food. I  planted 4 zuchinni plants, 2 yellow squash plants, 2 cucumber pickle plants, 1 patio tomato and 1 square of carrot seeds and 5 “big boy” tomato plants.  The patio tomato plant had tomatoes on it when we got it, so at least I am assured of one producing plant.   Nothing else is producing, yet.  But, this morning I see that the yellow squash have blossoms!  Super excited about that.  The squash plants have some white spots on them, which may be from watering on top of the plants. I treated them with milk spray, yes, cow milk.  So I am hoping that that will help and this won’t be a problem that keeps the plants from producing.

 I also bought a strawberry plant at Sam’s club and my mom bought some online which were the dormant roots that you plant.  
So far we have harvested two (yes 1, 2) strawberries.  I have high hopes for these plants and will
probably need to repot some of them individually soon.

I also have a few herbs:  pineapple sage, thyme and lemon balm.  I really hope to grow quite a few more herbs.  My mom has a rosemary bush that we dug up and brought over when we moved and it is doing marvelous.