I’m sure anyone with food allergies feels this same way.  Eating out used to be something I really enjoyed.  It was a momentary escape and such a blessing.  A time to sit and enjoy the company of those you are with, while eating yummy food prepared by someone else and most importantly cleaned up by someone else!  But when you and  your child/children have food allergies it’s just not fun, it’s W-O-R-K!  With the constant worry about how what we’re eating is going to effect us in just a short time.  

Just this past week, for instance, I went to a place that offers a gluten free menu, special plates, separate cooking section, etc.  This is a place who is knowledgeable in gluten, cross contamination and really seem to care.  However, I was somehow contaminated…..ugh!  I was sick for several hours.  While I did enjoy the time with a friend, conversation and no worries over the food and the possibility of cross contamination, I did not enjoy being sick afterwards.  I know that this particular place just made a mistake, they endeavor to make thing GF and I have been here before without incident and I will give them another chance.  Realizing that you take a chance whenever you eat out, always, whether it’s at a friend, family or restaurant.

Would love someday to find or open a completely gluten free facility with food that everyone will love and enjoy…..yes, it can be done.