If you’ve tried to do any gluten free baking at all you know that you really need a good flour blend.  It’s taken a good while but I think that I have two blends that work well for me.  The first blend that I started with was:

1 part brown or white rice flour
1/3 part tapioca starch (or flour)
1/3 part potato starch

I used this blend all the time, but it didn’t always translate well when converting recipes from gluten-full to gluten free.

After a while I found this book, I mentioned before, and discovered their Artisanal Flour blend.
I think that this has been the best blend for me, though I know that there are many other blends, already made, that you can purchase. 

One concern, my friend who has Celiac brought up, is so much consumption of white grains and  starches.  After she said that I saw an article in Living Without Magazine about that too.  So I have really been trying to use more whole grains while still getting a great baked good.