I’m sure there is a great recipe for GF pizza crust.  I, however, haven’t encountered conquered it yet.  I have had success with Bob’s Red Mill GF Pizza Crust.  Though it took me a bit to perfect my technique.  I will share a bit about it.  I took a video of spreading pizza dough.

I use a technique of dipping the spatula in a cup of water and then spread dough, dipping into the water after one or two spreads, as soon as the spatula starts to “stick” to the dough even slightly, you need to re-dip in the water or you’ll tear the dough. I shared before that I make three crusts from one bag.

Here is a picture of all three of the crusts, in the oven, ready for baking.

This is the crusts after they baked.

This is two of the pizzas after baking.

I forgot to set them all together and almost forgot to take a finished
picture!  You may notice the round crust is sitting on a mesh, metal 
sheet.  I had heard at one pizza place that I went to that baking on
this kind of pan will give you a crispier crust.  I forgot about it when
I made the crusts, but switched it after initial baking.  I really
think it did make a difference and I will be working on perfecting this
and share the details with you when I do.

Hope this helps you in your pizza making efforts.