If you ask anyone who knows me they would tell you I am extremely frugal and practical.  I like to get the best/most use out of everything!  So here are some ways that I use a whole chicken.  Usually I will roast the chicken in the oven with veggies, then I will serve (1)chicken and veggies for dinner.  Then I will remove any leftover chicken from the bone, save it, put the carcass in a huge pot, fill the pot with water and (2)make stock.  Leftover chicken and/or stock can be used to make (3)Chicken Rice Bake Casserole , (4) Chicken & Dumplings, (5) Chicken salad, (6)Topping for Pizza, (7)Chicken Enchilada Casserole, (8)Chicken soup.

I could go on, but that’s quite a few to give you food for thought.  (pun intended) Obviously the size of your chicken and how many people you are feeding will determine how much you can do with one chicken.  Also, if you don’t use the chicken as one of the meals you can make your bird go much, much further.