When you begin your gluten free journey you are overwhelmed, but then when you realize that gluten is in practically everything you are even more overwhelmed.  So it’s important to remember that thousands of items are naturally gluten free. 

For instance:

All fruits, in their natural state
All vegetables, in their natural state
Most meats, you need to check on chicken and turkey to see if there is gluten in the broths they sometimes inject into them.
Rice – brown, white, jasmine, etc – not the flavored ones, you’d need to check the ingredients for those
Quinoa (pronounced – Keenwa) which is also super high in protein
Dried Beans – kidney, chickpea, black beans etc.
Dried Lentils
Single spices
Nuts, in their natural state.  You can easily toast and salt them if you get them raw – soaking them first is even healthier, as it breaks down the enzymes in them that make them hard to digest.
Popcorn, stove-top popped
Oils – olive, coconut, canola, peanut, etc