This past week was filled with so much cake!!  I made two birthday cakes, one baby shower cake and a batch of birthday cupcakes.  The baby shower cake was served to 80% gluten eaters and was a HUGE success.  I love that it was enjoyed and tasted so good, they were all surprised.  Sometimes I wonder if the food I make is as good as I think it is.    I mean after being GF for so long I sometimes wonder…is this really good or just really good for GF.  But, when I share food with gluten eaters and they think that the GF version is awesome, I love that.

I also had a visit from my dear friend and two of her kids.  It was a great week for us.  She shared a recipe that we had for Chicken Apple Stew in the crockpot!  Super fast, super easy and delicious.  The house smelled so good.  We also had Chicken, Potato & Green Bean Casserole.  I did it in the oven and the potatoes did not cook in the over an hour I cooked it.    Even though I cut them very small.  So that was a downer, doing it in the crockpot makes it easy and they potatoes get done!  We also enjoyed Pear Cobbler (Cobbler recipe in cookbook).  Another friend brought us three huge bags of local, homegrown pears and I am going to make jelly and pepper pear jelly with them, but we had some that were bruised and Alex insisted we cut them and do something with them instead of trashing them.  It turned out fabulous.

I have also been working on the Thanskgiving e-Book I mentioned.  I have only a couple more recipes to enter, need to organize the set up and information I want to include.  I’m very excited about it.


B-French Toast
L-Mac & Cheese w/Bacon
D – Pizza

Chicken Flautas

Pineapple Rum Chicken


Teriyaki Beef

Creamy Italian Chicken

Sloppy Joe

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

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