I have just come off of a super busy week and headed into another!  I know I have said this so many times this year, but I canNOT believe how fast this year is going.  It seems like the first of September just arrived, but now it’s the last day of the month. 

With October knocking on the door I am starting to think about Thanksgiving.  I was thinking of trying to pull together a Thanksgiving e-book to sell.  I know my first completely gluten free Thanksgiving was a huge challenge for me.  I make pretty much the same thing every year so the menu doesn’t really change.  Sometimes I try something new, but it’s just added to the line up.  Anyway, if I’m going to pull that together I need to do it fast, Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.

Today I am making Cranberry Bread (in the cookbook), but another good choice if you want to do some baking is Pumpkin Bread or Amish Style Cinnamon Bread, any of these will warm your house and make it smell delicious.

Menu for the week:

Chili Cheese Mac

Baked Tacos

Sweet n Sour Chicken
coconut rice

Meatballs in Gravy over noodles

Bacon Wrapped chicken

Not sure yet

Southwest White Chili

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