Reflecting on this last week the sermon and one of the songs we sang on Sunday morning really resounded with me all afternoon, the song is “Thy Will Be Done” (My God, My Father is how I found it on the internet.)  While looking for the lyrics I found a great blog post here with the lyrics.  The sum up is this, whatever comes our way, we can  throw ourselves on the mercy of God, cry, fall on our knees in agony and we must pray, but in the end, if we are trusting God, we submit to His will and say Thy will be done.  It’s been a hard week month   few months, but in the end we have to choose to submit to the will of the Father with the trust and knowledge that He does ALL things well.

Heading into this week  I have planned some fun new school projects for the little ones and I’m looking forward to a great school week. I hope it’s as much fun for them as I hope it will be.  Fun while learning is the best!

I made a fun recipe this past week.  A spin off of Rachael Ray’s “Pigs in Ponchos“.  I need to work out a few kinks but all in all I think it was a hit with my family. 

Menu for the week:

Penne Chicken Italiano
Garlic Bread, a rare treat – I sent in 2 Schar UPC codes and scored some free bread


Beef Taquitos  (I got the idea here, but won’t be following this exactly)

Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken
Lasagna *Freezer

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Rolls

Chicken Tortilla Soup

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Head over here for more menu ideas.