This has been such a crazy year for weather in in Georgia.  It feels like we’re heading into Fall already, which usually doesn’t set in here until mid to late September.  We’ve had so much rain this year, we’ve actually broken records!  The last few days have been rainy, I just saw the sun peek out not long ago, but the clouds scared it away.  I am loving the cooler weather though.  I’m ready to open the windows and let cool, fresh air into the house.  I’m also trying to start thinking about a Fall garden, since my Summer garden was such an epic fail.  We’ll see, I need to move some beds around to make this happen.  Lots of shade in the yard is great for keeping the house and yard cooler during the hot months, but not much good for growing gardens.  If you have any shady yard tips for gardening I’d love to hear them.

We’re doing pretty well with our school schedule and getting into a good routine.  We even took a fieldtrip to our local history museum.  The kids had a great time, there was a full sized train car, a full sized trolley car and a full sized cotton river boat.  The kids thought it was so cool to be able to actually walk in the trolley car and the train.   The museum was much larger than I thought and had a ton of stuff to see.  Have you taken any fieldtrips yet this year?  Do you plan to?  If you’re past fieldtrips, what was your most favorite fieldtrip you’ve taken?

This is our menu for the week:

Spaghetti Pie

Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken


Mojo Marinaded Chicken

Bean & Cheese Enchilada

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Rolls

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

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