I mentioned in another post that we did pizza on the grill.  I used this box mix.  I have several different pizza crusts I’ve tried, in the oven.  I have made pizza on the grill too.  Only I used a pizza pan.  This time I put the pizza directly on the rack.  Mostly because I wanted to make individual pizzas.  I would do it both ways again.

This is one that tore

I think an important factor when putting them directly on the grill is not to make them too thin.  You also don’t want them super thick then they won’t cook.  And while you might think it’s a fun to do it with your kids, beware that they won’t be able to get consistent thickness and you may wind up with tearing when you put it on or flip it, which in turn will mean burning in the thin, torn areas.  🙁
Learn from my mistake.  IMG_4397

Another key point is to generously flour your wax paper/parchment so the dough will come off easily when you go to put it on the grill.

Just cheese pizza

Keep in mind that you are going to grill twice.  Once to cook the crust and then after you put the toppings on.  Next time I will cook more on one side and a little less on the other and put the toppings on the more cooked side.

I hope this helps you in your pizza grilling endeavors!