Last week was a huge blur of  VBS and dealing with an adverse reaction to medication.  I decided to take the little ones to VBS for the first time.   I knew that I would probably need to attend with them to make sure they were not given any gluten.  The volunteers did a great job of being sensitive to the allergy needs of all the kids who had them (There were only four and two of them were mine.)    It was  a great lesson for the kids learning about “The Call of God”.  They had a great time, it was exhausting for me, exhilarating and tiring for them as well.   I fully intended to blog last week, but was so tired, I wasn’t able. 

As for the medication reaction – I recently shared my CT scan experience, but what I didn’t share was the diagnosis.  But, I realize that it might be helpful to others to share.  I think that diverticulitis is not a great topic for a mainly food blog, but this blog is actually about being gluten free and having Celiac, gluten sensitivity/intolerance most of the time come with other ailments, either caused or exacerbated by gluten and how your body has/is reacting to gluten.   All that to say, after the diagnosis, it was recommended to do a clear liquid diet and antibiotics.  I decided to take a more natural approach with natural remedies and semi liquid diet.  I tried for two weeks but was not able to relieve the symptoms and actually developed other symptoms that I didn’t previously have.  Diverticulitis is a potentially serious disease.  So, after being unable to do it naturally I called for antibiotics (Cipro & Flagyl).  They recommended clear liquid diet again for two days.  I started on Wednesday night and on Friday morning I had a severe adverse reaction to the Flagyl.  It was a pretty rough day and I am still recovering and feeling the affects of the medicine as well as the diverticulitis. If anyone has questions I will be glad to answer them.  Feel free to email me.

Not sure what the menu for the week will look like.  I have a friend bringing Chick Fil A for dinner and I am thankful for that.  Eating is hit and miss for me.