GFAlwaysMenuPlanlogoI returned on Sunday from an awesome weekend with some great ladies from church attending TGCW14 in Orlando.  If you ever have a chance to attend you should do it!  We had a wonderful weekend full of laughter, the Word and a little relaxation.

I spent yesterday trying to get back into the swing of regular routine, spending time with my family and unpacking.  Thankfully I have my menu for the month planned out so I had what I needed for dinner and didn’t have to run to the store!  I was also able to use one of my freezer to crockpot meals I talked about in this post.  It was the Hearty Western Casserole, I made an update on the post to share my views.  I also gave one of them away.  I need to check on that and see how it turned out for them.  I have a duplicate in the freezer though, so I will update each one as I use them.

On to the menu:

Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Chef(ish) Salad

Tamale Pie (maybe, I didn’t realize that our Sunday dinner was going to be so similar)

BBQ Sloppy Chicken Pan Pizza (based on this recipe)

Pot Roast with Gigi’s Marinade Re-made (cookbook)
Potatoes & Carrots

We will probably have a cookout

Beefy Noodles

Southwestern White Chili


more menu ideas here.