I hope you had a wonderful long weekend and celebrated the 4th of July with food, family, friends and fun.  We had a nice cookout with my mom, grandma, niece and a dear family friend.  We had cheeseburgers with English Muffin “buns”, hot dogs (no bun), fried potatoes, grilled corn on the cob with herb butter, fruit pizza (recipe to appear soon) and homemade Vanilla ice cream. 

Last week I received a prize package from Extraordinary Life.  I thought I was entering to win a Betty Crocker Mix pack  but instead I had actually entered to win:

It’s always nice to win stuff!  So, thanks, Lisa @ Extraordinary for the chance to win!

Sneak peek at the fruit pizza

We’ve had rain, rain and more rain around here.  The weather is really odd so far this summer.  It will pour down rain and then the sun will come out only for it to pour down rain a little while later.  I almost feel like I’m in Florida……without the ocean or palm trees.    All the rain has really got my garden growing, still waiting to see how well it will produce.  I do have one tomato plant full of green tomatoes and the cucumber plant has too many blossoms to count, we shall see if they turn into cucumbers.  My jalapeno plants are producing well, but that’s it so far.  I will have to work on my garden plots, soil and fertilizer to have a better Fall garden.   Any tips will be appreciated.

Menu for the week:



Chicken Enchilada

Spaghetti Pie

Beef & Cornbread Skillet

Turkey Tenderloin
Sweet Potatoes

Pot Roast


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