I have not had anything from McDonald’s in over 4 years.  But, if I were going to have something, which I’m not.  This is one of the things I would get.  I loved these, back in the day – the days before gluten free and  before making healthier food choices.  But, I digress…..I was thinking about breakfast, faster easier, yet still super yummy breakfasts and I thought I can totally recreate this.  These are super delicious, while not an actual recreation, I didn’t make maple syrup bits to put in the pancakes, I just used the syrup.

                                                      McGriddler Shown has the optional egg.

I made a batch of protein pancakes in my cookbook.  I’m sure you could use your favorite recipe.  I made them a bit on the thick side.

I made homemade cooked sausage patties to match the size of the rings.

English Muffin Rings

Optional fried egg.  I prefer mine with no egg.

Maple syrup for drizzling pancake muffins while cooking.

Make the pancake batter.  Heat griddle.  Place rings on there, as many as fit, spray the rings with cooking spray.  Ladle batter into rings, about 2/3 full, drizzle each with a bit of maple syrup.  Cook like you would pancakes, once they are set up and ready to turn pull the rings off.  If they start to stick a bit run a knife carefully around the ring to release them.  These are going to be thicker than pancakes. 

If you want yours with egg you can fry eggs for them.

Put them together:  pancake, sausage, optional egg, pancake. 

Now we ate these right away, but I bet you could make them ahead and freeze them. 

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