I like hummus, it’s good, it’s healthy…..some are better than others (not all are GF).  I usually get Sabra – my favorite is the Roasted Pine Nut.

But, recently my friend, Alex, shared some hummus that was phenomenal.  This is a local company in Asheville, NC called Roots.  They make hummus in eight flavors and also offer salsa and dips.  I can only speak for the hummus, I tried three of the eight flavors (Roasted Garlic, Thai Coconut Curry and Black Bean) and my friends tried a fourth (Extra Hot Chipotle).  I’m not much for hot and spicy, though the Thai Coconut Curry is a tad spicy, it’s so tasty.

The bad news is this is a local company and it’s not available all across the country.  It is definitely worth a look to see if it’s near you.  Even if you’re not a big fan of hummus, this brand could definitely change your mind!  It did for my husband who doesn’t usually like hummus.  He was a big fan of the Thai coconut curry one.